Mark + Mariah | An East Beach Proposal

Mark and I used to work together back when I was in the Navy, so when he asked if I would photograph the moment he asked Mariah to marry him, I couldn’t say no! A large portion of my clients are people I used to work with in the military, and I love being able to capture special moments in their lives, and watch their families grow. Some have also been there since the beginning of my photography journey, so they’ve had the opportunity to watch my business grow too! (phew, talk about a glow up)

Anyways, enough about me! Mark not only completely caught Mariah off guard with popping the question, but he also flew both of their families out to witness it! That’s right, not only did I have to keep the proposal a secret, but I also had to keep the families a secret (while I was texting Mark’s parents, practically giving them longitude and latitude coordinates to where we were at so they could get a good view of the proposal). This was actually the second proposal I’ve shot, however this is the first one I did as a real business and not just as a friend with a camera, and I must say I absolutely loved it and I hope to book some more in the future!

Congrats on your engagement Mark and Mariah, thank you so much for letting me be there for it!





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